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近日,Carbon Energy 特邀中科院青岛生物能源与过程所崔光磊教授、澳大利亚格里菲斯大学张山青教授、南开大学牛志强教授担任客座编辑,将出版一期关于“Flexible batteries”的专刊,欢迎大家投稿。


Flexible batteries”, special issue organized by Carbon Energy, aims at giving an exhaustive overview of state-of-the-art flexible batteries and bringing novel ideas and concepts that would make the field progressing and spur the development of intelligent technologies. Nowadays, electronic devices that can be flexible, bendable, foldable and stretchable, such as wearable electronics, electronic papers, smart clothes, electronic skins, displays, bendable smart phones and implantable medical devices, have been required urgently. As a result, to power these devices, there is a persistent need for developing equally flexible and stretchable energy-storage systems that can be conformal with deformation while retaining their electrochemical functions. However, for the majority of current conductors, the compatibility between conductive domains and neighboring elastic networks remains a problem that is usually overlooked, challenging to address, and always leads to poor electro-mechanical performance. Therefore, the present special issues aim at reporting a collection of articles focused on the different facets of progressing in flexible batteries field. The field of flexible and stretchable energy-storage devices is absolutely exciting and fairly openended, providing researchers from various backgrounds to explore novel and interesting concepts and designs.


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