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近日,Carbon Energy 特邀中科院胡勇胜教授、美国阿贡实验室陆俊博士、英国帝国理工学院Magda Titirici教授担任客座编辑,将出版一期关于“Carbon for Na-ion batteries”的专刊,现已开放投稿。


In order to satisfy the growing demand about the market of grid storage systems, Na-ion batteries with properties of low-cost, long-life and high safety are being accelerated for development due to that sodium as the earth-abundant element can be used for charge transfer in Na-ion batteries. Carbon materials are important components in Na-ion batteries which can be used as active electrode, conductive additive, current collector, etc. This special issue will focus on the state-of-the-art progress about the application of carbon based materials for Na-ion batteries. In particular, the hot topics include, but is not limited to, disordered carbon, organic electrodes, etc. The new fundamental understanding and proposed application value in this collection of articles around the use of carbon based materials are believed to promote the development of Na-ion batteries.


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