Advanced Quantum Technologies 2020年第七期已在线!

Advanced Quantum Technologies最新一期集结了6篇优质量子领域学术论文,包括1篇来自Alexandre Le Boité团队关于Ultrastrong Light–Matter Interactions的review论文, 2篇 communications论文,2篇Full Papers论文。详情请见:


1: Review

标题:Theoretical Methods for Ultrastrong Light–Matter Interactions

作者:Alexandre Le Boité 

This article reviews theoretical methods developed in the last decade to understand cavity quantum electrodynamics in the ultrastrong‐coupling regime, where the strength of the light–matter interaction becomes comparable to the photon frequency. A broad overview is given, ranging from analytical estimates of ground‐state properties to computation of photodetection signals and limitations of effective models.

2: Communications

标题:Parametric Type‐II Dirac Photonic Lattices

作者:Kaichao Jin, Hua Zhong, Yongdong Li, Fangwei Ye, Yanpeng Zhang, Fuli Li, Chunliang Liu and Yiqi Zhang

Type‐II Dirac photonic lattices composed of identical sites are reported, and the anisotropy of the band structure is due to neither the refractive index change nor the environment of the lattice, but only the spatial profile of the lattice. Conical diffraction and nonrelativistic quantum phenomenon (e.g., Klein tunneling) in the type‐II photonic lattice are investigated numerically.

3: Communications

标题:Oxygen Vacancy‐Induced Topological Hall Effect in a Nonmagnetic Band Insulator

作者:Shashank Kumar Ojha, Sanat Kumar Gogoi, Manju Mishra Patidar, Ranjan Kumar Patel, Prithwijit Mandal, Siddharth Kumar, Radhakrishnan Venkatesh, Vedachalaiyer Ganesan, Manish Jain and Srimanta Middey

Magnetic materials with nontrivial spin textures show huge prospects for future ultra‐dense, low‐power memory applications. The sign of the noncoplanar nature of magnetic moments in such systems can be observed as topological Hall effect in electrical measurement. In this work, a new route is demonstrated to realize topological Hall effect in a nonmagnetic system KTaO3 through oxygen vacancy creation.

4 Full Papers

标题:Characterizing Adiabaticity in Quantum Many‐Body Systems at Finite Temperature

作者:Amy H. Skelt and Irene D’Amico

Adiabatic evolutions are vital in quantum physics, but not well understood in many‐body systems at finite temperature. Characterizing adiabaticity using distance measures is shown to be successful for these cases. Importantly, not only quantum state distances (Bures and trace), but also a density distance (a more accessible quantity) can be solely used. An adapted quantum adiabatic criterion is also discussed.

5: Full papers

标题:A 3D Polymeric Platform for Photonic Quantum Technologies

作者:Maja Colautti, Pietro Lombardi, Marco Trapuzzano, Francesco S. Piccioli, Sofia Pazzagli, Bruno Tiribilli, Sara Nocentini, Francesco S. Cataliotti, Diederik S. Wiersma and Costanza Toninelli

A major challenge in quantum technologies is the on‐chip integration of quantum emitters in a way that can be scaled up and preserves the emitter coherence properties. In the unconventional platform here introduced, molecules are selectively embedded in 3D polymeric structures, obtained by direct laser writing. Near‐Fourier‐limited fluorescence, single‐photon emission and enhanced collection efficiency are reported for the integrated molecules.