Advanced Intelligent Systems 2020年第七期已在线!

Advanced Intelligent Systems最新一期集结了15篇优质智能系统领域学术论文,包括1篇用于医疗保健的机器人技术的Essay论文,4篇Reviews 论文,4篇Communications论文和6篇Full Papers论文。复制网址免费阅读第7期全部论文:


1: Essay

标题:Robotics, Smart Wearable Technologies, and Autonomous Intelligent Systems for Healthcare During the COVID‐19 Pandemic: An Analysis of the State of the Art and Future Vision

作者:Mahdi Tavakoli, Jay Carriere and Ali Torabi


2: Review

标题:Piezo/Tribotronics Toward Smart Flexible Sensors

作者:Jinran Yu, Xixi Yang and Qijun Sun


3: Review

标题:Stretchable and Wearable Resistive Switching Random‐Access Memory

作者:Qiuwei Shi, Jiangxin Wang, Izzat Aziz and Pooi See Lee


4: Review

标题:Light‐Gated Manipulation of Micro/Nanoparticles in Electric Fields

作者:Yun Huang, Zexi Liang, Mohammad Alsoraya, Jianhe Guo and Donglei (Emma) Fan


5: Review

标题:Device and Circuit Architectures for In‐Memory Computing

作者:Daniele Ielmini and Giacomo Pedretti


6: Communication

标题:Tunable Electromechanical Liquid Crystal Elastomer Actuators

作者:Tyler Guin, Holly E. Hinton, Eric Burgeson, Christopher C. Bowland, Logan T. Kearney, Yuzhan Li, Ilia Ivanov, Ngoc A. Nguyen and Amit K. Naskar


7: Communication

标题:Computational and Experimental Design Exploration of 3D‐Printed Soft Pneumatic Actuators

作者:Kahraman G. Demir, Zhizhou Zhang, Jehan Yang and Grace X. Gu


8: Communication

标题:Design and Control of Bioinspired Millibots

作者:Sheethal Reghu, Hui You, Kalaivani Seenivasan, Shun Nishimura, Toshiaki Taniike and Eijiro Miyako


9: Communication

标题:Remotely Controlled Colloidal Assembly of Soft Microrobotic Artificial Muscle

作者:Raquel Parreira, Ece Özelçi and Mahmut Selman Sakar


10: Full Paper

标题:Inkjet‐Printed Iontronics for Transparent, Elastic, and Strain‐Insensitive Touch Sensing Matrix

作者:Dace Gao, Jiangxin Wang, Kaixuan Ai, Jiaqing Xiong, Shaohui Li and Pooi See Lee


11: Full Paper

标题:Collective Ratchet Transport Generated by Particle Crowding under Asymmetric Sawtooth‐Shaped Static Potential

作者:Masayuki Hayakawa, Yusuke Kishino and Masahiro Takinoue


12: Full Paper

标题:Parallel Operation of Self‐Limited Analog Programming for Fast Array‐Level Weight Programming and Update

作者:Hanchan Song, Jangho An, Seoil Son, Young Seok Kim, Juseong Park, Jae Bum Jeon, Geunyoung Kim and Kyung Min Kim


13: Full Paper

标题:Wien Oscillator Using Organic Enzyme‐Chemiresistors for Fused Measurement of Glucose and Lactate

作者:John R. Aggas, Edgar Sánchez-Sinencio and Anthony Guiseppi-Elie


14:Full Paper

标题:Adaptive Deformation of Ionic Domains in Hydrogel Enforcing Dielectric Coupling for Sensitive Response to Mechanical Stretching

作者:Yingcong Wang, Fei Zeng, Jialu Liu, Qin Wan, Dong Guo and Yuan Deng


15:Full Paper

标题:Modeling and Emulating a Physiotherapist’s Role in Robot‐Assisted Rehabilitation

作者:Ran Tao, Renz Ocampo, Jason Fong, Abed Soleymani and Mahdi Tavakoli