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本次在线讲座针对有志于在Advanced Healthcare Materials上发表论文的所有研究人员、学者,尤其是相关研究领域的青年科研工作者, AHM主编Uta Goebel博士,AHM副主编Irem Bayindir-Buchhalter博士、胡晓歌博士,AHM编辑朱晶博士将担任主讲人,4位资深编辑将为中国作者介绍在AHM期刊上发表高质量论文的诀窍。本次讲座对所有人免费开放!听众通过电脑、手机、平板都可进行观看,与主讲编辑在线互动。

本次讲座将以直播的方式进行,Uta Goebel博士和Irem Bayindir-Buchhalter博士将会有约30分钟的报告,介绍AHM期刊的近况,以及你所需要知道的所有投稿信息。




Uta Goebel (Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Healthcare Materials)

Uta gained her PhD at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, Germany, working on tumor models, cell death and immunology. She studied Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Manchester, UK, and Biotechnology at University of Bielefeld, Germany. Uta joined Wiley in 2009 working as Editor for the Biotechnology Journal. In 2015 she moved to the Materials and Physics Team working on Advanced Healthcare Materials, taking on the Editor-in-Chief position in 2019. Currently, Uta is also Editor for Advanced Biosystems and Advanced Functional Materials.

Irem Bayindir-Buchhalter (Deputy Editor, Advanced Healthcare Materials)

Irem studied Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Middle East Technical University, Turkey. She obtained her MSc focusing on embryonic and hematopoietic stem cells jointly at Heidelberg University and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), where she also gained her PhD working on adipose tissue plasticity and metabolism. She joined Wiley in 2016 and works in the Materials Science and Physics team. Since 2019, she is one of the Deputy Editors of Advanced Healthcare Materials. She is also an Editor for Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials and Advanced Science.

Emily Hu (Deputy Editor, Advanced Healthcare Materials)

Emily obtained her Ph.D. for her research in the field of composite inorganic nanomaterials at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Changchun, China). During her postdoctoral research at University of Washington (Seattle, USA), she focused on nanomaterials based drug delivery and bio-imaging. She then joined Wiley in 2012 as an Editor of Small. Since 2017, she became Deputy Editor of Advanced Healthcare Materials. Currently, she is also one of the Deputy Editors of Advanced Materials and Advanced Functional Materials.

Jing Zhu (Editor, Advanced Healthcare Materials)

朱晶在上海交通大学获得博士学位,于2008–2009年在加拿大农业部Guelph食品研究中心参加了中国加拿大联合培养博士生项目。朱晶于2011年加入Wiley,目前担任 Advanced Science, Small, Advanced Healthcare Materials, Biotechnology Journal, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 的编辑。

关于Advanced Healthcare Materials

Advanced Healthcare Materials was first published as a special focus section in Advanced Materials in 2011 and launched as an independent journal in 2012. Advanced Healthcare Materials, which is listed in three ISI categories (Materials Science – Biomaterials, Engineering – Biomedical, and Nanoscience & Nanotechnology), received an impact factor of 6.270 in 2019 (source: Journal Citation Reports (Web of Science Group, 2019)).

Advanced Healthcare Materials publishes Communications, Full Papers, Review Articles, Progress Reports, Research News, and Essays with the same article specifications as Advanced Materials.

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