Openings at Duke University

The Duke Acoustofluidics Group ( is inviting the most motivated, talented postdoc and Ph.D. candidates to join us.  We conduct research at the interface of physics, engineering, micro/nano technology, chemistry, and biomedicine.  We are a highly dynamic group. The graduate students from our group have been recognized with more than 100 awards for their research achievements, including National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellowships, Fulbright Scholarships, NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships, Baxter Young Investigator Awards, Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Award, Founder’s prize from the American Academy of Mechanics, a Boris P. Stoicheff Memorial Scholarship from Optical Society of America, a SPIE fellowship in Optics and Photonics, and best paper awards at the IEEE Ultrasonics Symposiums and MicroTAS Conferences.  After their graduation from our group, fifteen of our former Ph.D. students and postdocs have received tenured or tenure-track faculty positions at research universities such as The University of Texas, Austin (USA), University of Colorado, Boulder (USA), University of Indiana (USA), West Virginia University (USA), Mississippi State University (USA), University of Dayton (USA), University of Wollongong (Australia), University of Birmingham (UK), Technical University of Munich (Germany), 香港理工大学,北京大学 (青年千人), 浙江大学 (青年千人), 南方科技大学 (青年千人), 西北工业大学, 郑州大学.

The three values that are core to our group are (1) hardworking; (2) innovative; (3) collaborative. Thus we would like to recruit postdoc and Ph.D. candidates who honors these three values at the highest level. In terms of background, we consider candidates with excellent training in one of the following fields: Physics, Engineering, Biology, and Chemistry. We recruit candidates with strong background in physics or engineering to develop new technologies; we also recruit candidates with strong background in chemistry or biology to develop new applications for these technologies. Candidates with strong publication record and excellent research training will have significant advantages. 

If you are interested in joining us, please send to Prof. Tony Jun Huang (email: with your CV.