Advanced Healthcare Materials 热点文章排行榜Top 10 (2018年7月)

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1. Progress in Applications of Prussian Blue Nanoparticles in Biomedicine

第一作者:Zhiguo Qin(东南大学)


发表时间:4 July 2018


2. Aggregation‐Induced Emission Luminogens: Union Is Strength, Gathering Illuminates Healthcare




发表时间:3 July 2018


3. Organ‐On‐A‐Chip Platforms: A Convergence of Advanced Materials, Cells, and Microscale Technologies

通讯作者:Milica Radisic(University of Toronto, Canada)

发表时间:16 October 2017


4. Enzyme‐Based Glucose Sensor: From Invasive to Wearable Device

通讯作者:Dae‐Hyeong Kim,Taeghwan Hyeon(Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)

发表时间:15 January 2018


5. Bioinspired Mineral–Organic Bioresorbable Bone Adhesive

通讯作者:Ken Gall( Duke University, USA)

发表时间:25 June 2018


6. Patient‐Specific Bioinks for 3D Bioprinting of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

通讯作者:Ali Tamayol(Harvard Medical School, USA;Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA;Harvard University, USA;University of Nebraska, USA)

Jeremy N. Ruskin(Harvard Medical School, USA)

发表时间:16 April 2018


7. Graphene Materials in Antimicrobial Nanomedicine: Current Status and Future Perspectives

通讯作者:陈元(The University of Sydney, Australia)

魏军(Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Singapore)

Hüseyin Enis Karahan(The University of Sydney, Australia)

发表时间:5 March 2018


8. Using Ultrafast Responsive Phosphorescent Nanoprobe to Visualize Elevated Peroxynitrite In Vitro and In Vivo via Ratiometric and Time‐Resolved Photoluminescence Imaging

第一作者:Zejing Chen(南京邮电大学)


发表时间:2 July 2018


9. Laser‐Enabled Processing of Stretchable Electronics on a Hydrolytically Degradable Hydrogel

通讯作者:Babak Ziaie,Mukerrem Cakmak,Siamak Shams Es‐haghi ,Rahim Rahimi(Purdue University, USA)

发表时间:26 June 2018


10. Biomaterials for Skin Substitutes

通讯作者:Saeid Amini‐Nik,Marc G. Jeschke(University of Toronto, Canada)

发表时间:22 December 2017