Advanced Materials Technologies 热点文章排行榜Top 10 (2018年5月)

本文统计了Advanced Materials Technologies在2018年5月访问量排在前十位的文章。数据通过Wiley Online Library统计论文页面浏览量(Page Views)得出。


1. A Wearable Photobiomodulation Patch Using a Flexible Red‐Wavelength OLED and Its In Vitro Differential Cell Proliferation Effects

通讯作者:Kyung Cheol Choi(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Republic of Korea)

Kyoung‐Chan Park(Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH), Republic of Korea)

发表时间:8 March 2018


2. Thermoelectric Devices: A Review of Devices, Architectures, and Contact Optimization

通讯作者:Kornelius Nielsch(Leibniz Institut für Festkörper‐ und Werkstoffforschung, Germany)

发表时间:21 December 2017


3. Biaxially Stretchable Fully Elastic Transistors Based on Rubbery Semiconductor Nanocomposites

通讯作者:Cunjiang Yu(University of Houston, USA)

发表时间:23 April 2018


4. The Feasibility of Healable Electronics and Mechanical Behavior of Silver Nanowire (AgNW)/Healable Polymer Composite

通讯作者:Soon‐Bok Lee(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,  South Korea)

裴启兵(University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

发表时间: 30 April 2018


5. Recent Developments in Graphene‐Based Tactile Sensors and E‐Skins





发表时间:27 December 2017


6. Dynamic Actuation of Soft 3D Micromechanical Structures Using Micro‐Electromechanical Systems (MEMS)

通讯作者:Alice E. White(Boston University, USA)

发表时间:22 January 2018


7. Experimental Characterization of Microfabricated Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters for Smart Sensor and Wearable Applications

通讯作者:Marc T. Dunham(Stanford University, USA)

发表时间:23 April 2018


8. 3D Printed Optical Quality Silica and Silica–Titania Glasses from Sol–Gel Feedstocks

通讯作者:Rebecca Dylla‐Spears(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)

发表时间:8 January 2018


9. A Transfer‐Printed, Stretchable, and Reliable Strain Sensor Using PEDOT:PSS/Ag NW Hybrid Films Embedded into Elastomers





发表时间:26 April 2018


10. A Stretchable, Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Self‐Powered Real‐Time Motion Monitoring

第一作者:Cunxin Lu(中科院北京纳米能源与系统研究所)


发表时间:26 April 2018