Emory University School of Medicine(Jingjing Yang)

Job Details

The Yang Lab (PI information: http://genetics.emory.edu/faculty/primary/yang-jingjing.html) located in the Center for Computational and Quantitative Genetics, Department of Human Genetics, Emory University School of Medicine, is looking for self-motivated and enthusiastic Postdoctoral Fellow to work on Statistical Genetics and Functional Genomics. We mainly focus on development and application of methods for integrative analysis with multi-omics data (DNA, RNA, microRNA, Methylation, Proteomics data), with the goal of understanding the biological mechanisms of how multi-omics data are associated complex traits and diseases. We work on genetic studies with general quantitative phenotypes, including standard single-variate phenotypes and multivariate phenotypes such as longitudinal phenotypes and images.

The candidate will be expected to work on statistical/computational method & tool development, real data analysis, and publishing on decent journals. The candidate will have opportunities to collaborate with members of the Center for Computational and Quantitative Genetics, as well as people from other departments (e.g., Neurology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Psychology) at Emory University and Atlanta VA.

Interested candidate should submit a Cover Letter, CV, Brief Statement of Research & Interest (less than 2 pages), one Sample Publication and Contacts for 3 references. Please contact Jingjing Yang (jyang51@emory.edu) for any questions. Applications will be reviewed immediately after submission.

Institution Information

Department of Human Genetics (http://genetics.emory.edu/index.html) at Emory University School of Medicine recently created the Center for Computational and Quantitative Genetics that will catalyze research at the interface between statistical/computational sciences and genetics across Emory University. Emory University and hospitals along with the CDC are located in a lovely wooded Atlanta suburb. The Atlanta metropolitan area is home to 5 million people and has an active art, music, food, and cultural scene with a delightfully mild climate.

Preferred Qualifications

Ph.D. in Statistics/Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Computer Science or other relevant discipline with strong quantitative research background; proficiency in one or multiple of the popular programming languages, e.g., C++, Python, Perl, R; experience working with large genetics data and high-performance clusters are desirable.


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Salary & Benefits

NIH standard postdoc salary for Postdoctoral Fellow. Benefits: http://www.hr.emory.edu/eu/benefits/eligibility/residentspostdocs.html