Advanced Science Top 10:2017年8月原创论文下载排行榜

1. Aluminum-Doped Cesium Lead Bromide Perovskite Nanocrystals with Stable Blue Photoluminescence Used for Display Backlight:目前在线发表(Early View),该工作来自北京大学深圳研究生院孟鸿课题组。

2. Realizing the Embedded Growth of Large Li2O2 Aggregations by Matching Different Metal Oxides for High-Capacity and High-Rate Lithium Oxygen Batteries:目前在线发表(Early View),该工作来自中科院兰州化学物理研究所的阎兴斌课题组。

3. Formation of Single-Holed Cobalt/N-Doped Carbon Hollow Particles with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity toward Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Media:目前在线发表(Early View),该工作来自新加坡南洋理工大学的楼雄文课题组。

4. Simple 3D Printed Scaffold-Removal Method for the Fabrication of Intricate Microfluidic Devices:2015年第九期发表的研究短文,该工作来自荷兰瓦赫宁根大学Vittorio Saggiomo课题组。

5. Extremely Stretchable Strain Sensors Based on Conductive Self-Healing Dynamic Cross-Links Hydrogels for Human-Motion Detection:2017年第二期发表的研究短文,该工作来自新加坡南洋理工大学Pooi See Lee(李佩诗)课题组。

6. Mixed-Organic-Cation Tin Iodide for Lead-Free Perovskite Solar Cells with an Efficiency of 8.12%:目前在线发表(Early View),该工作来自北京大学刘志伟和卞祖强课题组。

7. Self-Healing and Shape Memory Effects in Gold Microparticles through the Defects-Mediated Diffusion:2017年第八期发表的研究长文,该工作来自以色列理工大学Eugen Rabkin课题组。

8. Toward Bioelectronic Medicine—Neuromodulation of Small Peripheral Nerves Using Flexible Neural Clip:目前在线发表(Early View),该工作来自新加坡国立大学Chengkuo Lee课题组。

9. Hydrophilic Sponges for Leaf-Inspired Continuous Pumping of Liquids:2017年第六期发表的论文,该工作来自深圳大学周学昌课题组。

10. Cost-Performance Analysis of Perovskite Solar Modules:2017年第一期发表的论文,该工作来自上海交通大学韩礼元课题组。