Advanced Energy Materials热点文章排行榜Top 10 (2017年1月)

本文统计了Advanced Energy Materials在2017年1月访问量排在前十位的文章。数据通过Wiley Online Library统计论文页面浏览量(Page Views)得出。


1. Freestanding and Sandwich-Structured Electrode Material with High Areal Mass Loading for Long-Life Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

通讯作者:Mingpeng Yu(北京科技大学)

发表时间:6 January 2017


2. Active Edge Sites Engineering in Nickel Cobalt Selenide Solid Solutions for Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution

第一作者:Chuan Xia( King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, (KAUST), Saudi Arabia)

通讯作者:Husam N. Alshareef( King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, (KAUST), Saudi Arabia)

发表时间:6 January 2017


3. Small is Powerful: Recent Progress in Solution-Processed Small Molecule Solar Cells

通讯作者:Thuc-Quyen Nguyen(University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)

发表时间:9 January 2017


4. A Thin NiFe Hydroxide Film Formed by Stepwise Electrodeposition Strategy with Significantly Improved Catalytic Water Oxidation Efficiency

第一作者:Wei Zhang(陕西师范大学)


发表时间:6 January 2017


5. Tungsten Disulfide Catalysts Supported on a Carbon Cloth Interlayer for High Performance Li–S Battery

通讯作者:John B. Goodenough(University of Texas at Austin, USA)

Yung-Eun Sung(Seoul National University (SNU), Republic of Korea)

Chunjoong Kim(Chungnam National University,  Republic of Korea)

发表时间:16 January 2017


6. Enhanced Li-Ion Accessibility in MXene Titanium Carbide by Steric Chloride Termination

通讯作者:Atsuo Yamada( The University of Tokyo, Japan)

发表时间:6 January 2017


7. Layered VS2 Nanosheet-Based Aqueous Zn Ion Battery Cathode

第一作者:何攀 (武汉理工大学)


发表时间:6 January 2017


8. Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Cell Photocharging of Lithium Ion Battery Using DC–DC Booster

通讯作者:Qiquan Qiao( South Dakota State University, USA)

发表时间:11 January 2017


9. In Situ, Fast, High-Temperature Synthesis of Nickel Nanoparticles in Reduced Graphene Oxide Matrix

第一作者:Yiju Li(University of Maryland College Park, USA)

通讯作者:胡良兵(University of Maryland College Park, USA)

发表时间:13 January 2017


10. In Situ TEM Study of Volume Expansion in Porous Carbon Nanofiber/Sulfur Cathodes with Exceptional High-Rate Performance

第一作者:Zheng-Long Xu(香港科技大学,香港理工大学)

通讯作者:Jang-Kyo Kim(香港科技大学)

发表时间:6 January 2017