Small 热点文章排行榜Top 10 (2016年9月)

本文统计了Small在2016年9月全月访问量排在前十位的文章。数据通过Wiley Online Library统计论文页面浏览量(Page Views)得出。


1. Magnetically Propelled Fish-Like Nanoswimmers



Joseph Wang(University of California, USA)

发表时间:7 September 2016


2. Preparation of Cobalt Sulfide Nanoparticle-Decorated Nitrogen and Sulfur Co-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogel Used as a Highly Efficient Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

第一作者:Zhimin Luo(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

通讯作者:张华(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)



发表时间:5 September 2016


3. Synthetic Biological Protein Nanowires with High Conductivity

第一作者:Yang Tan(University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)

通讯作者:Derek R. Lovley(University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)

发表时间:13 July 2016


4. 3D Interconnected and Multiwalled Carbon@MoS2@Carbon Hollow Nanocables as Outstanding Anodes for Na-Ion Batteries

第一作者:Yan Wang(苏州大学)

通讯作者:郑洪河,曲群婷,Jie Shao(苏州大学)

发表时间:5 September 2016


5. In Situ Synthesis of Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles Based on 2D Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets

第一作者:Qipeng Lu(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

通讯作者:张华(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

发表时间:14 July 2016


6. Nickel-Nitrogen-Modified Graphene: An Efficient Electrocatalyst for the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Monoxide

第一作者:Panpan Su(The University of Tokyo, Japan)

通讯作者:Kazuhide Kamiya,Kazuhito Hashimoto(The University of Tokyo, Japan)

发表时间:16 September 2016


7. A Size-Selective Intracellular Delivery Platform

通讯作者:J. Christopher Love(The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, USA)

Andrew S. Liss(Massachusetts General Hospital, USA)

发表时间:4 September 2016


8. Nanoreactor Based on Macroporous Single Crystals of Metal-Organic Framework

第一作者:Shuhai Wang(中山大学)


发表时间:August 2016


9. Atomic-Monolayer MoS2 Band-to-Band Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor

通讯作者:Kang L. Wang,Carlos M. Torres Jr.,Yann-Wen Lan( University of California at Los Angeles, USA)

发表时间:August 2016


10. Au NPs@MoS2 Sub-Micrometer Sphere-ZnO Nanorod Hybrid Structures for Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution with Excellent Stability



发表时间:August 2016