Advanced Functional Materials热点文章排行榜Top 10 (2016年7月)

本文统计了Advanced Functional Materials在2016年7月访问量排在前十位的文章。数据通过Wiley Online Library统计论文页面浏览量(Page Views)得出。


1. High-Strength and High-Toughness Double-Cross-Linked Cellulose Hydrogels: A New Strategy Using Sequential Chemical and Physical Cross-Linking



发表时间:4 July 2016


2. High-Performance All-Polymer Photoresponse Devices Based on Acceptor–Acceptor Conjugated Polymers

第一作者:Xiaofen Wang(中国科学院大学)

通讯作者:黄劲松(University of Nebraska, USA)




发表时间:June 2016


3. Flexible Electronics: Improving Performance and Stability of Flexible Planar-Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells Using Polymeric Hole-Transport Material

通讯作者:Min Jae Ko(KU-KIST Korea University, Korea)

Hae Jung Son(Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

发表时间:4 July 2016


4. Electro-Oxidation of Ni42 Steel: A Highly Active Bifunctional Electrocatalyst

通讯作者:Helmut Schäfer(Universität Osnabrück, Germany)

发表时间:5 July 2016


5 .Mo Doping Induced More Active Sites in Urchin-Like W18O49 Nanostructure with Remarkably Enhanced Performance for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

第一作者:Xing Zhong(浙江工业大学)


发表时间:June 2016


6. Skin-Like Oxide Thin-Film Transistors for Transparent Displays

通讯作者:Sang-Hee Ko Park, Keon Jae Lee(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea)

发表时间:4 July 2016


7. Hierarchical NiCo2S4 Nanowire Arrays Supported on Ni Foam: An Efficient and Durable Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Oxygen and Hydrogen Evolution Reactions

通讯作者:Sangaraju Shanmugam(Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST), Korea)

发表时间:9 April 2016


8. Metallic Cobalt Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Nitrogen-Enriched Graphene Shells: Its Bifunctional Electrocatalysis and Application in Zinc–Air Batteries

第一作者:Min Zeng(苏州大学)


发表时间:26 April 2016


9. 3D Carbonaceous Current Collectors: The Origin of Enhanced Cycling Stability for High-Sulfur-Loading Lithium–Sulfur Batteries



发表时间:29 June 2016


10. Molybdenum Disulfide-Based Tubular Microengines: Toward Biomedical Applications

通讯作者:Joseph Wang(University of California, San Diego, USA)

发表时间:4 July 2016