Advanced Materials 热点文章排行榜Top 10 (2016年4月)

本文统计了Advanced Materials在2016年4月访问量排在前十位的文章。数据通过Wiley Online Library统计论文页面浏览量(Page Views)得出。


1 Fullerene-Free Polymer Solar Cells with over 11% Efficiency and Excellent Thermal Stability

第一作者:Wenchao Zhao(中科院化学所)


                   Feng Gao( Linköping University, Sweden)

发表时间:9 April 2016


2 A Highly Efficient Metal-Free Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst Assembled from Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene




发表时间:8 April 2016


3 Solution-Processed Two-Dimensional Metal Dichalcogenide-Based Nanomaterials for Energy Storage and Conversion

第一作者:曹澥宏 (现浙江工业大学)


发表时间:13 April 2016


4 Extremely Stretchable and Fast Self-Healing Hydrogels

通讯作者:Joost J. Vlassak (Harvard University, USA)

                   Jiaxi Cui (INM-Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Germany)

发表时间:9 April 2016


5 Synthetic Self-Assembled Materials in Biological Environments

通讯作者:Frank VersluisRienk Eelkema(Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)

发表时间:4 April 2016


6 Design and Synthesis of FeOOH/CeO2 Heterolayered Nanotube Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

第一作者:Jin-Xian Feng(中山大学)


发表时间:13 April 2016


7 Crumpled Graphene Photodetector with Enhanced, Strain-Tunable, and Wavelength-Selective Photoresponsivity

通讯作者:SungWoo Nam(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)

发表时间:6 April 2016


8 An Ultralong, Highly Oriented Nickel-Nanowire-Array Electrode Scaffold for High-Performance Compressible Pseudocapacitors



发表时间:8 April 2016


9 Edge Functionalization of Graphene and Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Polymers for Energy Conversion and Storage

第一作者:Zhonghua Xiang(北京化工大学)

通讯作者:戴黎明 (Case Western Reserve University, USA)


发表时间:March 2016


10 Molecularly Designed, Nitrogen-Functionalized Graphene Quantum Dots for Optoelectronic Devices

通讯作者:Hiroyuki Tetsuka(Toyota Central R&D Labs, Japan)