Advanced Materials 热点文章排行榜Top 10 (2016年1月)

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1 Wearable Self-Charging Power Textile Based on Flexible Yarn Supercapacitors and Fabric Nanogenerators

第一作者:Xiong Pu(中科院纳米能源所)


               王中林(中科院纳米能源所;Georgia Institute of Technology)

发表时间:5 November 2015; 引用次数:2


2 Recent Progress in Cobalt-Based Heterogeneous Catalysts for Electrochemical Water Splitting



发表时间:9 November 2015; 引用次数:1


3 NIR-Laser-Switched In Vivo Smart Nanocapsules for Synergic Photothermal and Chemotherapy of Tumors

第一作者:Zhouqi Meng(东华大学)



发表时间:9 November 2015; 引用次数:0


4 Injectable Self-Healing Glucose-Responsive Hydrogels with pH-Regulated Mechanical Properties

通讯作者:Daniel G. Anderson(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

发表时间:5 November 2015; 引用次数:0


5 Ultrafast Dynamic Piezoresistive Response of Graphene-Based Cellular Elastomers

第一作者:Ling Qiu(Monash University, Australia)

通讯作者:Dan Li(Monash University, Australia)

发表时间:2 November 2015; 引用次数:0


6 Generalizable Synthesis of Metal-Sulfides/Carbon Hybrids with Multiscale, Hierarchically Ordered Structures as Advanced Electrodes for Lithium Storage

第一作者:Wu Chao(中国科学技术大学)


发表时间:5 November 2015; 引用次数:0


7 Highly Elastic and Conductive Human-Based Protein Hybrid Hydrogels

通讯作者:Ali Khademhosseini(King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia)

发表时间:9 November 2015; 引用次数:0


8 Amyloid Templated Gold Aerogels

通讯作者:Raffaele Mezzenga(ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

发表时间:23 November 2015; 引用次数:0


9 General Formation of M–MoS3 (M = Co, Ni) Hollow Structures with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Evolution

第一作者:Le Yu(南洋理工大学)


发表时间:5 November 2015; 引用次数:0


10 An All-Elastomeric Transparent and Stretchable Temperature Sensor for Body-Attachable Wearable Electronics 

通讯作者:Nae-Eung Lee(Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), South Korea)

发表时间:26 November 2015; 引用次数:0