Advanced Electronic Materials热点文章排行榜Top 15(2015年11月)

1 High‐Performance Solution‐Processed Amorphous‐Oxide‐Semiconductor TFTs with Organic Polymeric Gate Dielectrics [Communication]

通讯作者: Henning Sirringhaus (University of Cambridge)


2 Electroluminescence from Organometallic Lead Halide Perovskite-Conjugated Polymer Diodes [Communication]

通讯作者:Richard H. Friend (University of Cambridge)


3 Self-Aligned Megahertz Organic Transistors Solution-Processed on Plastic [Full Paper]

通讯作者:Alasdair J. Campbell (Imperial College London)


4 Prospective of Semiconductor Memory Devices: from Memory System to Materials [Review]

通讯作者:Cheol Seong Hwang (Seoul National University)


5 Flexible, Stretchable and Wearable Multifunctional Sensor Array as Artificial Electronic Skin for Static and Dynamic Strain Mapping [Full Paper]

第一作者:赵晓丽  (中科院纳米能源所)

通讯作者:潘曹峰  (中科院纳米能源所)


6 Origin of High Electronic Quality in Structurally Disordered CH3NH3PbI3 and the Passivation Effect of Cl and O at Grain Boundaries [Communication]

通讯作者:Wan-Jian Yin, Su-Huai Wei, Yan Yanfa(The University of Toledo)


7 Effective Approaches to Improve the Electrical Conductivity of PEDOT:PSS: A Review [Review]

第一作者:石慧 (江西科技师范学院)

通讯作者:徐景坤 (江西科技师范学院)


8 Self‐Aligned Single‐Crystalline Hexagonal Boron Nitride Arrays: Toward Higher Integrated Electronic Devices [Communication]




9 All Transparent Metal Oxide Ultraviolet Photodetector [Full Paper]

通讯作者:Joondong Kim (Incheon National University)


10 An Optoelectronic Switch Based on Intrinsic Dual Schottky Diodes in Ambipolar MoSe2 Field‐Effect Transistors [Full Paper]

通讯作者:Nihar R. Pradhan,Luis Balicas(Florida State University)


11 High Luminance Fiber‐Based Polymer Light‐Emitting Devices by a Dip‐Coating Method [Communication]

通讯作者:Kyung Cheol Choi (KAIST, Korea)


12 Lead Replacement in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskites [Full Paper]

第一作者:汪衎 (中国工程物理研究院)

通讯作者:崔旭东 (中国工程物理研究院)


13 Diperfluorophenyl Fused Thiophene Semiconductors for n‐Type Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs) [Full Paper]

通讯作者:Choongik Kim (Sogang University)

Michael J. Bedzyk,Lin X. Chen, Antonio Facchetti,Tobin J. Marks(Northwestern University)

Ming-Chou Chen (National Central University)


14 Stretchable and Conformable Oxide Thin‐Film Electronics [Communication]

通讯作者:Niko Münzenrieder (University of Sussex)


15 Highly Stretchy Black Gold E‐Skin Nanopatches as Highly Sensitive Wearable Biomedical Sensors [Communication]

第一作者:Shu Gong (Monash University)

通讯作者:程文龙 (Monash University)