Advanced Functional Materials 热点文章精选(2015年4月)

Morphological Control for High Performance, Solution-Processed Planar Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells

Deepu J. Giles E. Eperon, Victor M. Burlakov, Pablo Docampo, Alain Goriely and Henry J. Snaith

11The critical role of perovskite morphology in planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells is probed and understood. Dewetting of perovskite films is minimized, to achieve uniform 100% coverage perovskite layers. Solution cast planar heterojunction solar cells with efficiencies of up to 11.4% are fabricated, a new record for such cells with no mesoporous layer.





Fast and Large Lithium Storage in 3D Porous VN Nanowires–Graphene Composite as a Superior Anode Toward High-Performance Hybrid Supercapacitors

Rutao Wang, Junwei Lang, Peng Zhang, Zongyuan Lin and Xingbin Yan

adfm201404472-gra-0001-mA 3D porous VN nanowires–graphene composite is proved to be a pseudo­capacitive material with the fast and large Li-ion storage characteristics. Such superior composite anode coupling with a capacitance-type porous carbon cathode is able to assemble a novel hybrid Li-ion capacitor with an ultrahigh energy density of 162 Wh kg−1 and good rate performance.





TAPE: A Medical Adhesive Inspired by a Ubiquitous Compound in Plants

Keumyeon Kim, Mikyung Shin, Mi-Young Koh, Ji Hyun Ryu, Moon Sue Lee, Seonki Hong and Haeshin Lee


TAPE is a medical glue inspired by the adhesive properties of polyphenols and is found ubiquitously in plant species. The adhesion strength of TAPE exhibits a 250% increase relative to that of fibrin glue, and TAPE exhibits wet-resistant adhesion. TAPE can be an effective hemostatic material and a pH-sensitive patch for detecting gastroesophageal reflux disease in vivo.