Advanced Energy Materials 即时影响因子“一鸣惊人”

最新一年的SCI期刊引用报告显示了Advanced 系列期刊不断发展壮大。作为材料科学领域的最重要期刊之一, Advanced Materials 2011年的影响因子已达13.877,较去年增长28%,而另一重要期刊Advanced Functional Materials的影响因子也第一次达到两位数(10.179)。

然而,特别值得一提的是 2011 年新创刊的 Advanced Energy Materials。它已经向高质量、高影响因子的期刊迈出了第一步。 其即时影响因子在创刊第一年已经达到1.950, 这一数值甚至超过了许多重量级的材料类学术期刊。

在2012上半年,Advanced Energy Materials共发表161篇的研究论文 ,并已经获得620次引用,因此我们有理由相信这一期刊 在2012年的影响因子也会接近或达到两位数。

学术界对Advanced Energy Materials的高度认可与其所刊登论文的质量密切相关,以下列举了2011年该期刊中的一些热点文章。

Interdiffusion of PCBM and P3HT Reveals Miscibility in a Photovoltaically Active Blend

by Neil D. Treat, Edward J. Kramer, Craig J. Hawker, Michael L. Chabinyc et al.

Fabrication of Polymer Solar Cells Using Aqueous Processing for All Layers Including the Metal Back Electrode
by Roar Sondergaard, Frederik C. Krebs et al.

Metal-Air Batteries with High Energy Density: Li-Air versus Zn-Air
by Jang-Soo Lee, Meilin Liu, Jaephil Cho et al.

Solvent-Annealed Crystalline Squaraine: PC70BM (1:6) Solar Cells
by Guodan Wei, Mark E. Thompson, Stephen R. Forrest et al.

Synthesis and Characterization of a Copolymer Based on Thiazolothiazole and Dithienosilole for Polymer Solar Cells
by Maojie Zhang, Yongfang Li et al.

All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Microbatteries: A Review of Various Three-Dimensional Concepts
by Jos F. M. Oudenhoven, Loïc Baggetto and Peter H. L. Notten

Graphene Based Materials: Enhancing Solar Energy Harvesting
by Chun Xian Guo, Guan Hong Guai and Chang Ming Li

Enhancement in Thermoelectric Figure-Of-Merit of an N-Type Half-Heusler Compound by the Nanocomposite Approach
by Giri Joshi, Gang Chen, Zhifeng Ren et al.

Semi-Solid Lithium Rechargeable Flow Battery
by Mihai Duduta, Yet-Ming Chiang et al.

Stable and Efficient Solid-State Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Based on a Series of Hydrophobic Iridium Complexes
by Rubén D. Costa, Henk J. Bolink, Edwin C. Constable et al.

Advanced Energy Materials主编Martin Ottmar和编辑团队希望借此机会,向编委会成员、审稿专家和作者们表示衷心感谢,Advanced Energy Materials的成功与他们的贡献密不可分。

:即时影响因子(Immediacy Index)是期刊当年发表的论文在当年被引用的情况。由此可确定某一特定期刊被引用的速度,从而评估那些新成长起来的研究领域中专业期刊的影响力。

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